Thursday, September 13, 2012

wishes and stuff

I'm still back dating our Normandy posts. It takes me awhile to get through all of the pictures, then get them edited, then uploaded....

so check back for those, if you're interested.

In the meantime, we've been doing other stuff-
A pinterest inspired project to store and display Lego Mini-Figures. The boys have loved them...
I've been sewing:
Liz's Inverted Star for 12squared
A friend from church recently had a little girl. She appreciates vintage sheets the same way I do, so I whipped up this little blanket. Then added her name.
A little belated something for Ry's bestie
Ty got a couple of teeth pulled last Friday. He went in quite confident and came out a little rattled. Just so you know, the toothfairy offers bonuses for those teeth that have to be "removed."
When I saw these teeth (his eye teeth), they were HUGE. The roots were still fully intact, except for where his crooked laterals had cut into them. Which is why the needed to come out... you can really see it on the tooth on the right. When Ryli saw them she said "Tyler your half shark!"
Ryli also got her first filling. She's my first of all the children to get a filling. Fortunately, it was minor and didn't even require numbing.
Then last Saturday night we put Theo in his big boy bed. We're all still adjusting. He's always found sleep to be way over-rated.
Tonight at the dinner table Ty announced that if he had one wish it would be that Pokemon were real.

I decided to make everyone else play:

Ryli said that she would wish that her bff Lucy lived just right across the street from us no matter where we lived.

Cannon said he wished that he had an underground spy base.

I said that I wished I had a cook and a maid. We then came to a conclusion that a robot maid would be best. We'd call her Rosie.

Shane said he'd like to see the future, but he's still on the fence.

Theo didn't have wish, but we all assumed that it would be a house made of Ritz crackers.

We are up to our eyeballs in spelling tests, math minutes, reading logs and other various homework. Once we walk in the door after school it becomes a paper frenzy. 

I've started mentally preparing for another attempt to "hop" home with the kids in October. Hopefully we'll make it out this time. We're homesick...


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

I hope you all can hop home, too! Loved this entire post.

Teriney said...

Love you guys! Here's to all your wishes and even Theo's cracker house!