Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Normandy: Day 1

Guess what? We got out later than we wanted. Then we stopped by Ramstein to hit the bank, and there were rumors of Krispy we paid a lot of money for some sub-par american flavor. They'd been frozen for the plane ride over. Boo.

We got back on the road. Ty only threw up once, he has this new car sick thing.

We drove a long way. The quickest route Google had was through Paris. The next quickest route was to head north of Paris at Reims. We chose the northern route. The traffic threat intimidated us, we also thought the tolls would be less money.

We were wrong on both accounts.
(Pont de Normandie, the mouth of the Seine at the ocean)

We hit rush hour in Caen, about 45 minutes away from our campsite- we sat in traffic for about an hour. It was awful.

Finally there, we checked in, threw the tents up, and rushed down to the beach before dark.

 Walking down to the beach

  And just like that, we were walking Omaha Beach.

 Point du Hoc in the distance

 A rock just for her...

 Low crawling...
The moon was shy that night.
 Atop an old bunker.
Cannon throwing rocks from atop the old bunker.
Then we walked up to a hotel nearby to try and get dinner. Unfortunately the kitchen was closed, so we headed back up to camp and made sandwiches, snuggled up in our sleeping bags and called it a night.

The weather was cool and the ocean, the perfect lullaby.

I swear I heard the sounds of war in my dreams that night. 

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