Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the night i climbed one million stairs

we took the young women on a hike tonight, up Philosophers Way, or Philosophenweg.
(ground shot)
starting point

despite the heat, and the infinite amount of stairs to climb, it was gorgeously wonderful.
I loved being with the girls. I loved swooning over this beautiful city.
we stopped for a quick chat at the top.
I still can't believe I live here.
after the hike up and down we crossed the alte brücke (old bridge) in search of gelato.

it is said that if you rub the disc in this guy's hand, you will return to Heidelberg someday. we'll see.

we found it on the haupstrasse.
there was a small battle between my tastebuds and will power. WP won, it about killed me.
sugar and I are on a break for now. it sucks.
I can't wait to take the fam to do Philosphenweg, after I recover.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You & the scenery! Mom