Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday, Sunday and Monday

I decided at the last minute (Wednesday the 22nd) that I wanted Ryli in a multi-age class. I had heard good things from a few friends about the concept, so after some thought I decided to request it. 

Our request was granted, and we couldn't be happier. Ryli got Mrs. Smith, a 3rd/4th grade teacher.

We didn't get the one teacher we didn't want for Cannon, so we were pleased with that. He got Ms. LePorte.

On the way to the open house on Friday, I asked Ty if there was a teacher he wanted, his response was, "yeah, Mr. Powers. He has an earring and looks like a dude." I giggled.

He was wrong about the name, it's Mr. Dysinger. He does have an earring or two, including one in his eyebrow. He also has a ponytail. Ty is thrilled.

 The kids requested french toast for their special back to school dinner. I finished a dress for Ryli to wear on the first day. We painted Ry's fingers and toes, ate our fancy breakfast dinner, discussed the new school year goals, bathed children, put Ry's hair in sponge rollers, Shane gave the kids blessings, and we tucked in our little bundles of energy.

Ryli could hardly contain herself, Cannon was nervous and asked to be homeschooled, again, and Ty was chatty. Dealing with things in their own individual ways.

Ryli was the first one up. She greeted me while I was showering.

I got the usual back to school breakfast of cinnamon rolls in the oven.
Shane ironed Ry's dress.

I rolled Cannon out of bed, as he thoroughly explained why school was a bad idea.

Ty was pretty easy going.

I packed lunches and kept the crowd moving in the right direction.

We left the house on time, with Shane in tow. He agreed to accompany us to school to provide moral support.

(Oliver+S, Jump Rope Dress Pattern)
(glorious vintage buttons on the equally glorious denyse schmidt)
At the school, we left Theo and Shane in the car and walked to the sea of children. 
Cannon grabbed my hand. Ty was off without a goodbye shortly after I asked if I could walk him to class. He said no. 

(Ryli and her good friend Macy)

We found Ms. LePorte. Cannon agreed to stay as long as I came right back after I dropped Ryli off.
We found Ms. Smith, and some of Ryli's friends. We took a few pics, and when I went back for Cannon he had already gone inside.
(Brooklyn, Emily and Ryli)
(Ryli and Ms. Smith)
This was not good. I found him in the gym, where all the kids were going for a welcome assembly, crying. Poor guy.
I sat down with him, we said a little prayer. After I promised to come back for lunch he said it was okay for me to go. His chin still quivering and tears still streaming.

I caught a glimpse of Ty on the way out. I very discreetly waved, and he waved back. Also, very discreetly.
Cannon was heavy on my heart all morning. I was so pleased to find him happily playing when I came to lunch. He barely noticed me there.

After school everyone had wonderful reports. We spent some time at the park and soaked up the perfect weather.

First day was a success, I think. Fingers crossed for Cannon tomorrow.


Amy said...

You really do amaze me! Ryli's dress is perfect. Hopefully Cannon finds joy in 1st grade.

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Ryli's dress=PERFECT! Love it!

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Ryli's dress is so cute. The boys look so grown up. It is so hard to believe it has been a year since I saw all of you.. and you were the last people I saw in Arkansas. I trust that Cannon will find a place in the 1st grade for himself and will grow to love school. Please keep us informed!

Liz said...

ryli's dress is beautiful! you are amazing!