Thursday, July 26, 2012

Italian Riviera: Day 4 con't, Cinque Terre- Monterosso Al Mare

We got off the train in Monterroso and this was our view.
 Stunning. And these umbrellas were so neat!
 We decided to walk down the main road to see where it would take us...
 into a tunnel, with an outlet to the water
 then finally to a public beach. We searched for sea glass, and Cannon found just the right rocks to bring home. One for each member of the family, then one for each of his friends back in the States. Ty threw caution to the wind and dove in the water.
 Shane and Ry took off in search of a water closet (which is much harder than it sounds in Italy...)
 and came across some neat spots.
 Including a perfectly placed playground.
 It was a fantastic time to let our littles get some free play, and it gave me an opportunity to step away with my camera and do a little shopping.
 I stumbled upon the coolest chapel I've seen in Europe. The Church of St. John the Baptist.
 Shane called it the Beetlejuice chapel.
 I called it pure inspiration. I just adore this place. 
 The antique crystal chandeliers, the simple stained glass...I was drooling.

 The entrance.
 And just outside the church were several quaint little shops.
 We decided to squeeze in one more village, so we headed back to the train station. Walking back through the tunnel, this man's music echoed through. It, coupled with the ocean breeze truly completed the experience perfectly.

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