Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Italian Riviera: Day 3 Pisa and Beach (lots o' pics)

also, Theo's 2nd Birthday. We took him to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in celebration.

Following the advice of Rick Steves, we decided to drive in to town and do a park and ride. We had been warned by friends and websites about the crazy driving laws in Italy. The Zona Traffico Limitato signs are hard to distinguish, and result in high price tickets delivered to your mailbox about 6 months after the photos are taken. We've heard they're around 200 euro. We tried really hard to steer clear.

Anyway, we parked and caught a bus to get to the Square of Miracles.
First things first, gelato.
A row of tourist souvenir traps...but just on the other side of this wall-
was this.
It took my breath away.

Birthday boy. We made sure to spoil this guy all day long.

The Duomo, or Cathedral.

 The crazies going for that unique photo op. It was fun to watch.

 An authentic Italian restaurant.
The view from where we ate.
 Delicious Caprese and Pizza...
 I wasn't expecting to love Pisa as much as I did. It's easy to feel overwhelmed touring some of the bigger cities we've been to. I really appreciated the geography of this lovely place.
 After the touring, the kids were itching to get back to the beach.
 So Theo and I sat on the sidelines and watched our favorite people splash in the waves.
 Then we made our way up to a cafe for more gelato, and sang to our bossman. He brings more spice into our world than we ever thought possible. We adore him.
I'm president of his fan club, and he mine. It was a glorious day.

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Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Wonderful post, Kristin. Last photo gave me goose bumps... so sweet.