Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Italian Riviera: Day 2

Beach time in Tirrenia. It's an American beach, but I'm not exactly sure what that means. Americans were the minority, plus we were swarmed "salesmen", peddling everything from sunglasses to hair braiding. They were relentless.
 (sweet mankini in the background)
 Burying Cannon. The beach very much reminded me of a California beach.

Theo emerged from under the umbrella a few times. To help with the patting of the sand, and to sit on dad's lap. He quickly returned to the safety of the umbrella as soon as he realized he was closer to the surf.
I did make sure to dip his feet in the Mediterranean, just as I made sure to dip his feet in the Gulf when he was 5 weeks old.
Cannon the airplane.
Ty drew a window and pilots on the front.
 Check out the awesome sunburn on the foot...sand covered portions of my feet left me with spots. It looks more like a rash.
After the beach we showered up and walked to dinner. The weather was perfect.
 Like I said, this post was a no-man's land. I even asked one of the guards on the way in if they were planning to close this place down. He said he sure hoped so. Apparently, being stationed in Italy is nothing like it seems. Honestly, I don't blame the guy.

On the eve of his 2nd birthday.
He loves to slide. He loves cars, and usually has a car in each paw. He loves to be outside, and protests when he is denied. He tries to escape on his own, so we are always triple checking door locks. He's a climber, and has been since mobility.

Favorite foods: Ritz crackers, waffles, black beans and rice, meatballs, peanut butter and jelly, and chicken nuggets. He's following in his sibling's foot steps- ridiculously picky.

He is such a snuggily boy, with no hesitation to voice his opinion. Usually with shrill screams.

Favorite things to watch: Cat in the Hat (he's a huge fan), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Cars, Toy Story, Chip and Dale, Super Why and Little Einsteins.

He has a few choice words: go go go (usually when motioning for someone to leave him alone), no (it's a very soft no, but usually in reference to bedtime), cat (usually in reference to Cat in the Hat), dog, more, cracker, night night, outside, sorry......etc.
He doesn't say very much, but my boys tend to really sprout their vocabulary around 2.

We are really trying to help him develop a love for reading. He's not inclined to sit still for an entire book...yet.

He has a second mommy in Ryli, and loves wrestling with dad. He thinks his brothers main purpose in life is to irritate him.

He requires more of me than any of the others have, which means we are pretty close. He's finally become a little more adventurous by leaving my side, which means I'm able to get a few things done.

After our summer plans die down we plan to move him into Cannon's room. Cannon hopes that Theo will want to sleep with him. 

I secretly hope so too.


kaye said...

So awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Thanks for sharing those tidbits about Theo and for all the fabulous pictures. It helps me & everyone else, feel like we are there, too.