Sunday, July 8, 2012

an evening of army music in the castle

a friend of ours plays the trumpet in the army band. the army band was to perform a goodbye concert in the Heidelberg Castle on the night of July 7th. (they are moving to Sembach, the same place we'll be moving next summer) it was open to the public, free, and an opportunity to hear live music in a castle.
we rsvp'ed.
 it was a full house, so we put a blanket down and got comfy on the cobblestone. the majority of the crowd were German.

 the choir
 the girl
 the weather was perfection.
 the view from our blanket
 our friend, Jason, on the trumpet. 
it was maybe my favorite night here in heidelberg, so far. the local community expressed such gratitude for the years of service from the United States. i often feel like Americans are inconvenience to this country. it was great to hear and feel that we are, indeed, appreciated by some.

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