Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of JuLegoland

As expected, the 4th of July is pretty quiet in Europe. However, Shane did have the day off.
I know my kids are getting really tired of being dragged all over this incredible continent to see old buildings, museums and flea we designated this day a holiday for them.
a holiday from culture and history, and a true day of fun for the kiddos.
The crowds were mild, the weather started out mild, but grew hot.
Ninjago Arena
A napping Lego man.
A looker.
Lego Venice
This was the new Flying Ninjago ride. Cannon wasn't tall enough, so Shane took him to get his driver's license instead. (the ride was awesome)

He perked right up.
Knight's Kingdom
About the rides, we discovered that Tyler is an adrenaline junkie like his mom. Ryli liked the Flying Ninjago ride, buts hates roller coasters, and Cannon pretty much hates anything that goes too fast. He panicked more than once, even on the Disney equivalent "tea cup" ride.
This roller coaster is the one that made Cannon cry. I was proud of him for trying. I sat with Theo while Shane took the older 3, then Ty wanted to take me on it...we are in the very back row with our hands up. 
Theo enjoyed himself. We even let him out of his stroller a few times.

Love that face!
But we did make him put on a hat. He just doesn't have quite enough hair to protect the noggin.
We lunched on pizza and pasta, then snacked the rest of the day away on ice cream, crepes and popcorn.

Lego Python (barf)
After spying those sweet open-toed boots we just had to head over to this pulley ride.

Ryli did not enjoy the height until she came down and realized it was okay.
My hands were killing me, you had to pull yourself up!
Ty was too tall for the boats but Ryli slipped through.
We got to see a show by the Chinese Circus. It made me a little nauseous. I don't know what it is about watching people bend to unnatural positions that makes me super uncomfortable.
And also, how these talented people dedicate their lives to it. Climbing on top of a platform and stacking 15 chairs, then climbing on top of that, then balancing their entire body on one hand. Hmmm...

The kids got bored after 20 minutes and wanted more rides.

After 6 hours of Lego fun the grown ups were getting tired. We gently led the children to the factory where we let them build some mini-figures...then headed for the exit.
On the way out we stopped by the ticket office to turn in a VAT form, where we were able to reclaim all of the tax we'd spent, on everything. Entrance tickets, food and purchases. It might not seem like a big deal, but the tax here is was worth it. 
Hooray for Legoland, and the 4th of July!


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

That is the coolest place ever!!!! How fun for you and your sweet family:)

Admiral Joe said...

Looks amazing! Love all the pictures!

Becca said...

what a fun fourth! better than the 4th of jufry, i'd say... even though that has been put on hold until you get your independence from europe.