Monday, June 18, 2012

Vater's* Day

Sunday morning is always a bit crazy at our house. Church starts at 9:30, which really is a great time to start church, but it's still a mad rush.

I decided to start Shane's day out right...with a little oven-baked french toast. I had to get up really early. I also ironed a house full of Sunday attire, and got the kids up. All while trying as best as I could to let Shane sleep.

Obstacle #1: he sleeps next to Theo
Obstacle #2: it was Sunday morning at the Sharp house.
He ended up out of bed, which I quickly ordered him to turn around. The kids were bringing him breakfast and he needed to be surprised.
The vater loved his breakfast of oven-baked french toast. I knew he would. You could put syrup on anything and he would love it, instantly.
He opened cards, had seconds, and then jumped out of bed to get himself, and only himself, ready for church.
We were only 5 minutes late. A Vater's Day miracle.

At church, he received a giant Milka Hazelnut bar. 

After church, I made everyone lunch. Normally he makes everyone lunch while I catch a nap with the wonder baby. Nope, not today.

For dinner, we made pizza's, his request, and finished watching The Sound of Music, finally.

It was a good day. I think he enjoyed it, a true day of rest. I wish I was good enough to give him that every Sunday...

 *vater is father in german.

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