Saturday, June 30, 2012

H-berg's Neckarwiesen Park

(Have I mentioned that European kids strip down when it's hot warm outside. Well they do. My kids can't help but gawk. We're working on it. By the way, I'm referring to young kids...under 5.)
Some friends got together on Wednesday at a park downtown. This wasn't just any park, it was located on the bank of the Neckar River, and the playground was so, so......European.

Theo in a car with his car.
I really wanted to try this one, but couldn't find anyone to evenly distribute my weight:(
Theo heading for the snort. (we've been reading a lot of "Are you my mother?" by Dr. Suess lately.
The snort was spreading cow "fertilizer". We turned right back around.

There was this water feature that the kids turned into some kind of factory, they all had very important jobs to do. The playground equipment kept the kids interested and busy.
I, of course, was on Theo patrol. 
He was in heaven. 
Except with swings. He HATES the swings.
But loved throwing sticks in the river.
I really didn't see much of the kids for the next 2 hours, except for the occasional snack request. They stayed busy exploring and "working" the whole time.

He's such a good big brother.

A giant wooden rattlesnake that rotates.

Theo ran his car allllll the way to the end of the fence.
The castle.
Then we fed the geese. When Ty started chasing them violently and Ryli stepped barefoot in fresh goose poop we decided to pack it up.
 We are big fans of the Neckarwiesen. We'll be back with dad....and swimsuits.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vater's* Day

Sunday morning is always a bit crazy at our house. Church starts at 9:30, which really is a great time to start church, but it's still a mad rush.

I decided to start Shane's day out right...with a little oven-baked french toast. I had to get up really early. I also ironed a house full of Sunday attire, and got the kids up. All while trying as best as I could to let Shane sleep.

Obstacle #1: he sleeps next to Theo
Obstacle #2: it was Sunday morning at the Sharp house.
He ended up out of bed, which I quickly ordered him to turn around. The kids were bringing him breakfast and he needed to be surprised.
The vater loved his breakfast of oven-baked french toast. I knew he would. You could put syrup on anything and he would love it, instantly.
He opened cards, had seconds, and then jumped out of bed to get himself, and only himself, ready for church.
We were only 5 minutes late. A Vater's Day miracle.

At church, he received a giant Milka Hazelnut bar. 

After church, I made everyone lunch. Normally he makes everyone lunch while I catch a nap with the wonder baby. Nope, not today.

For dinner, we made pizza's, his request, and finished watching The Sound of Music, finally.

It was a good day. I think he enjoyed it, a true day of rest. I wish I was good enough to give him that every Sunday...

 *vater is father in german.

Friday, June 8, 2012

flea market friday

i went to a flea market today in mannheim. i found some special things, one of which is not pictured, to protect the surprise factor of a birthday recipient. she doesn't read the blog, but still. (it's a tiny tea set from czechoslovakia)
if you didn't know, i collect globes. this one is special. it's a lamp, it's 220 volt, and it's german!
check it out...german! and 4 euro.
  i about died over these Hutschenreuther Christmas plates, 2.50 euro each.
 and these jars...absolutely nothing on the bottom to identify them. But, I'm pretty sure they're handpainted. only 50 cents euro each!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

our thursday

i completed this.

 My Ryli was recognized in the end of the year assembly as a "star performer" for her writing. They don't do traditional grades here until the 4th grade, so this seemed similar to an honor roll recognition.

 Then, we went to Cannon's end of the season soccer party at the Burger King park. It's called the BK park because it's right across the street from BK.
 They ate pizza, cake and got medals. 

 There was even a bouncy slide...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

wild poppies and a basket of cars

these are growing everywhere along the side of the roads and highways here. everytime i pass them i wish that i had my camera, and i finally did. 
 this is just outside the gate to get on base.

 they are glorious.
those are strawberry pickers. the strawberries in our groceries stores are straight from the fields.

then, i had to go to the doctor. she had a basket of cars in the waiting room just for theo. 
he waited well in that room. best waiting room experience yet.