Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Salzburg, Austria: Day 3

We crossed to border into Austria in the blink of an eye. We weren't even sure it'd happened.
Our first stop was the salt mines. We'd heard that it would be great for the kids, only Theo wasn't allowed.  I told Shane to choose what he wanted, he chose to sit it out with Theo.

I headed down into the earth with my older three to learn about salt.
It was fun. We rode a train, and some really longs slides. It was freezing, lucky for us we got to wear an extra layer of clothing. There was also a boat ride, and lots of walking. We even crossed back over the German border.
A little brine tasting...
down the slide!
After we emerged back into the sunlight, we decided to go for lunch in downtown Salzburg.
The city was phenomenal. The architecture was gorgeous. The people were lined up along the river to soak up the lovely sunshine. The weather couldn't have been better.
Lots of people in their fancy leiderhosen and dirndl's. I was under the impression that these were only worn on special occasions, or that it was an older tradition. Boy was I wrong. I saw women standing in their driveways visiting with their neighbors wearing them. Apparently they are still an "everyday" wear.

A view of the Salzach river.
Ice cream for lunch = happy children.
It was quite difficult to keep these boys out of the water...
and this one from dreaming the day away.
a disturbing statue of Mozart

We strolled an outdoor market and wove in and out of the crooked streets. We walked the famous Getreidestrasse to see the shops, then rounded back to the outdoor market to pick out a watercolor.
We found the perfect one. This woman, Bianca, was just painting away on the corner.
This seems to be a European tradition. It's the third country we've seen it in. None of which have we been able to contribute. *must get padlock to carry in diaper bag!!
We crossed the river in hopes to make it to the Marionette Theater before they closed, with no luck. A must do for next time, especially after seeing this window!
 So we hopped over to the Mirabell Gardens to see a little bit of The Sound of Music. 
The kids played at the park then explored the Dwarf Garden.

knock, knock.
famous Pegasus fountain
also famous, the Theo scream.
Ryli, doing what she does. Drawing and Writing.
This could've been our chance to run. He was stuck....
Cannon liked this guy.

My favorite dwarf, with a dwarf.

Stone lion taking it from a 10 year old boy.
We finished up our day in Salzburg by strolling the garden then a quick stop at the Salzburg Cathedral.
                  We plan to come back to Salzburg to wrap up our tour, one of these days...we missed a lot.


Admiral Joe said...

did mozart have boobies? I didn't know that.

kristin said...

ha! that's exactly what ty said. so either he thinks like a 34 year old, or you think like....nevermind. what i was surprised at was that he only had one arm. he had to work REALLY hard at that piano thing.

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

This place looks very special. Hope you guys get to go back someday.