Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Oslo

I'm going to do an Oslo post.

First though, I wanted to get a few things down while they were fresh on the brain.

I really miss that city. I loved it there. It was extremely expensive, which makes it easy to say that we could never live there. Which is good, because I would be plotting right now otherwise...

The people are beautiful, and mostly tall and broad.

The only thing open on Sundays are museums and restaurants....across the entire city.

Everyone I spoke too was fluent in English.

I love the Norwegian language. It's sounds like a cross between French and German. Beautiful.

Very clean city, with noticeably less graffiti than other European cities.

It stayed light until 11pm and was light again by about 4am. That was weird.

I splurged on a couple of souvenirs:
A nesting bird set, from the Oslo National Gallery. Aren't the colors perfect!
 In love with these guys!
 Next, a vintage cookie tin, that I will probably use in my sewing room.
 I just loved the design!

Official post coming soon.


Liz said...

the nesting birds are delightful!!

Jen said...

i may have a deep-rooted sense of envy over the nesting birds. ;) good finds.

Em said...

a beautiful language, indeed. swedish, danish, and norwegian are almost all identical languages. now you know why i insisted my boys speak swedish :)

Jennifer R. said...

The nesting birds are perfect. I, also, would not have left them behind. Standing by for the official post! (Between your families adventure through Europe and my nieces weekly email from her mission in Ukraine, I feel like I am feeding my crave for travel. Please don't stop posting!!) We celebrated Jillian's bday today with our first mother daughter mani and pedi. I think we may have started a beautiful and necessary tradition! We are missing your big kids around here. ...just thought you needed to know. :)

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

I love your nesting bird set and the cookie tin. Very unusual. Glad you loved Oslo. The pictures on FB were beautiful. I look forward to your blog post.