Saturday, May 12, 2012

oslo is oslom: Day 1

we arose early to catch our flight out of frankfurt hahn airport. this is not frankfurt international, the one that about an hour from where we live. frankfurt hahn services a smaller airline called Ryanair. it's nearly 2 hours away in the the middle of nowhere.
the drive was gorgeous.

the parking, check-in and flight were easy. the arrival airport was about an hour outside of Oslo, so we hopped on a shuttle, and made it to the city by lunchtime. 
(ty and i on the shuttle headed to oslo, we spent quality time battling each other in fruit ninja)

norwegians speak perfect english.

the hardest part of these trips is finding kid approved food. this hardest part of this particular trip, was finding kid approved food, and then paying for it. we thought we were mentally prepared for the expense, but it was painful anyway.

so we grabbed some peppe's pizza, which was quite delicious. two pizza's cost almost $100, or 500 kroner (pronounced crowner). 
the weather was chilly and wet. our spirits were not dampened, though. we headed right over to the tourist office and picked up our "oslo passes". they got us into all of the museums and public transportation throughout the city. we located our apartment on the map, but realized that the Opera House was just across the street from where we were. we made a pit stop.
it was stunning. the white sky against the white marble gave it a very spiritual feeling.
we ventured inside for a bathroom break and a little warmth.

i stumbled into this amazing wall, where i immediately told the kids scoot together and smile.
theo, always the disagreeable one.

unless he's climbing. he would really prefer to just be set free.
here is a picture of Ty doing something to make Theo smile and not scream in Oslo.
again, left alone, to explore.
after Cannon got really wet from all of his sliding on the ground we decided to go drop off the bags.
the apartments seemed very nice, but there was a little mix up with our room. in that, the one that we reserved wasn't available, so they kindly called us a taxi and moved us to another location. which worked out better in the long run....for the most part. it was a lot bigger, and was closer to a grocery store.

once everyone was settled, i hit that grocery store. it was called ica (pronounced e-ka). it was a great little grocery store. the bread was about $6 a loaf, and you had to slice it yourself. small bottles of water (10oz) were about $4. Fortunately, the tap water in Norway tastes good.

i miss good tap water.

i whipped us up a pasta dinner with fresh tomatoes and parmesan. norwegian tomatoes are divine.
we all crashed early.

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