Saturday, May 26, 2012

Berchtesgaden, Germany

So Salzburg was the plan for Memorial Day. The biggest draw was the Eagle's Nest, which is actually located in Berchtesgaden, Germany about 30 minutes outside of Salzburg. The Eagle's Nest has been at the top of our bucket list for some time. The more I asked around the more I heard that Berchtesgaden was where we needed to stay. Accommodations reserved.  

We arrived around 6:30pm after driving frantically to make it by 6pm, which was the deadline for check-in.

sidenote: european hotels are notorious for weird rules. off the wall check in and out times, super strict about how many people in a room, paying cleaning fees upon check out, key deposits....and so on.

So with this particular hotel there were a few policies that stood out:

1. you cannot check in later than 6pm
2. only four people allowed to stay in the family holiday flat. no extra people including babies and small children,

Our policy says that if there are two beds, we fit. For now anyway.

So we paid for two rooms. The family Holiday flat and a double room. We're all staying in the holiday flat because it's just easier....and guess what?

We all fit.
Anyhow, I called ahead when I knew we were going to need a little bit of extra time (traffic around Munich). They were kind enough to oblige my request.
Our accommodations are near perfect. We are in a very picturesque setting, surrounded by lush green mountains.
The Alps, if you will.
The hotel design is the epitome of Bavarian country. Lots of dark, intricate wood work. There is an indoor pool, and a lovely lawn out in the back with a swingset and creek.  
I'll get better pictures, but this is what I have for now...
a balcony with flowers to care for, has Ry's name written all over it. 
We ate grilled cheeses out there tonight. The weather was perfection.
(have i mentioned that this boy always has a car in his hand these days? we're lucky if we can pry them out of his little paws when he falls asleep.)

 We'd love to catch a sunrise or sunset, but at this time of year the suns sets around 9:30pm and rises around 4am. 

Tomorrow we tour the Eagle's Nest and the Königssee. Should be remarkable!

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Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Grilled cheese sounds good :) Looks lovely. Hope to see more pixs soon!!!