Sunday, May 27, 2012

Berchtesgaden: Day 2, Königssee

We headed over to the Köingssee, or King's Lake. We found great parking, and then found something to eat. The kids were only interested in ice cream, so we got them a pretzel. Shane and I sat down and ate the local fare. I had potato pancakes and a bratwurst and Shane had a ham sandwich.

We finished up, stopped at a couple of shops and finally made it down to the docks.

On the boat-

 This guy made motorboat sounds the whole time.
The novelty of this boat ride is that the captain stops the boat at Echo Point and pulls out his trumpet.
When the weather is just right you can hear his echo's twice, but you can usually only hear it once.
It was beautiful, and such a treat. I'm pretty sure we heard the echo twice.

St. Bartholoma- the first chapel was built here in 1134. It was rebuilt in 1697.
Our boat.

The water was even more beautiful and jade green in person.

I'm pretty sure these silly, drunk boys in lederhosen were making fun of me. As soon as they saw me taking a picture they all stopped and looked and said "cheese!'"
Then we made it inside the chapel.
The detail and design were perfectly quaint and intricate.

And while Ry drew in her travel journal-
these two were having a testosterone fest on the grass patch. They should feel lucky that the lederhosen boys didn't come jump in....
Goodbye, St. Bartholoma...

We got back on the boat for a final stop at Salet.

"love thy neighbor...and do it now!!!"  --Shane Sharp
The kids had a blast collecting sticks, climbing and chasing.
The inevitable ninja pose.
Bustling creeks,
ducklings and their momma.
This place was gorgeous!
We hiked another 15 minutes to the Obersee. The highest waterfall in Germany is hidden back there. I also told Ryli if she were quiet enough she might see a unicorn or fairies. They never were quiet enough...
We finally let Theo out.

He played with his cars in the rocks the whole time....

Until he saw the cows.

He really enjoyed mooing at them, and telling them by. But he certainly preferred his distance.

Leading the herd.
On the walk back to the boat we found ourselves being herded by the cows with giant bells on their neck. It was equally scary and cool.
After getting back to the main dock we decided to set out for a pizzeria. It's really the only hope we ever have of feeding our children in Europe.


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

All of the photos are so good. Such a great narative, too! I can't believe how much the kids are growing and it's only been 9 months since I saw them... or you :) Thank you for blogging.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful there, everywhere it seems, & so detailed! The trip of a lifetime! love, Mom