Sunday, May 27, 2012

Berchtesgaden: Day 2, Eagles Nest

Oh, what a lovely day. We made it out of our hotel by 8:25am. A miracle.
First stop, The Eagle's Nest. So you park in a parking lot. Then get on a bus that takes on the scariest ride you will ever go on. We're talking tiny rails on the edge of drops like you have never seen. I couldn't watch. I caught myself white-knuckling my camera with sweaty palms. Shane laughed at me, and the kids loved it.
We reached the end of the bus ride, thank the heavens. We admired the view, (me from a distance) then had to get on an elevator for the final climb. It was all brass, very fancy...and to think of the people who have ridden it...yikes.
Treacherous, I tell you.
After we got off of the nightmare of a bus ride, (I really could've kissed the ground), we had to walk down this passageway to get to the famous brass elevator.

at the end of the passageway, waiting on the elevator

Waiting on the elevator.
The Eagle's Nest, itself, is a lovely building, which is pretty much only used as a restaurant now. We walked through the inside then spent most of our time outside. The kids found some snow, smashed some coins, then we decided to hike to the top.

(notice the cross on the top of the hill)

 Shane, Tyler and Theo stayed down while I took Ryli and Cannon up. I thought they would be content to go the cross, about 1 level up, but no such luck. They were determined to make it to the very top, literally in the clouds. We weren't wearing the greatest shoes for such an event, but we toughed it out. And, really, we were a lot more prepared then some.
The perfect hiking boots: Vans and Diesels...
Even sandals.
We were cross level here.

This is what we had to climb..
We made it! 
Heads in the clouds!
The other side of the cross.
A nice lady offered to take a picture of us- my camera forgot to focus...
We loved our little climb. After we came down, we took Theo from Ty and Shane so they could go climb. 
a front view

We headed inside for some hot chocolate. Man, it was good!
That is a very famous fireplace in the background... a birthday gift to Hitler from Mussolini. I've also read that when the U.S. soldiers arrived they chipped pieces of stone off for souvenirs...

Eventually the boys came back, we checked the time and realized it was about time for us to get back down to catch our bus. We had to reserve a spot on a bus so that we could get down when we wanted.
Looking toward the front of the Nest
back down at the bus pick-up, in front of the tunnel

After all of the fun atop the mountain we were ready for some lunch...and a boat ride.

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