Sunday, May 20, 2012

and in between our travels-

we have a "normal" life.

I still sew things like this. love him.
 and this. see more pics here...
we taught this one to do this, 
there may have been a few threats involved...
then I finished up the job. it was a first for me.

we still go to soccer games. ry played on saturday.
*note to self: do not practice kicking the ball around with Cannon in Salt Water Sandals.

 my #1 still enjoys picking up gross creatures...

he was hanging out on the back of our fahrrad (bike) shed.

I'm also incubating a few seeds, in the non-human form.
we have basil, rosemary and tomatoes. fingers crossed we get to see some fruit.
I've never tried to grow from seeds before. what is it about those precious, tiny, new little leaves??
Ry drawing in her "travel journal" during church. thanks Toblers!

still procrastinating the Oslo posts..they will be back dated, but done by Thursday for sure. we head to Austria on Friday so I have a deadline...

ooh, I also need to do a Theo update. he's done a lot of changing. I need to get on the ball.

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Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Thanks Kristin for these photos and comments. You never fail to entertain me! Not a big fan of Ty's latest friend, though... sort of gross.