Monday, April 30, 2012

last week in pictures (overload)


At Ryli's first soccer game. I didn't get any actions shots, except of her being a good big sister.
 And at the same soccer game, Ty being a not-so-good of brother, scaring the bejeezus out of his baby brother...YOU WILL SLIDE!!!
 (just kidding. Ty is very caring when it comes to Theo, for the most part.)


Our first family bike ride. Theo screamed for the first 10 minutes. I only had my iPhone, so this is the best I got.


The science fair at Patrick Henry Elementary. 
Shane and Cannon making a "tornado".
Ryli made a lava lamp.
Ty checking out a sand dollar in the scope.
These are pig insides. I was the one gagging behind the camera. Not at the sight, but at the smell. If you look close you can see that kid is blowing into a straw which is inside the lungs. He's blowing up pig lungs. At the table on the left they had the digestive track of the pig. The stomach had been torn open and it was the most horrifying smell EVER. It still makes me nauseous. The end.


Cannon's first soccer game, in Mannheim.
He is a rock star on the field.
 A fantastic expression from my little guy. I love that chin.
 Love this one, it's so Cannon.
 They won.


 Ryli's 2nd game.
 This was the first warm day we'd had in Germany...and it was kind of a shock to the system.
 Both Cannon and Ryli are #2. They did not win. But she had fun.

 Same day...

 Family bike ride #2
 My sweet ride, and sweet partner. He's coming around...
 We love our little trailer for Cannon...
 Germans have these garden plots that they rent/own. When Shane and I first saw the little sheds we were worried that it was some sort of homeless camp...we were pleasantly surprised. You see them near the highways everywhere. In the warmer months they will sometimes spend the weekends in their little garden cabins. I think it's very charming...
 A path near our house, also Shane's route to work.
 Racing the train. Theo was unsure.
 Turning around to head home.
 We rode about 5 miles. I was impressed with zero complaints from the littles.
They left me in the dust so I could take pics...
Coming to the end of an era, in July he will be in his own bed. In the meantime I'm cherishing our snuggily time together.
Finally- this morning I left the room for 3 minutes...

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Robyn said...

Wow, Germany is flat. I love it!!! I love family bike rides. So cute. And your house looks like your house! I will always love that turquoise (or is it aqua?) chair. (:

I'm so glad you're blogging. Love the updates.