Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 6: Exploring Amsterdam

First we went to the Albert Cuyp Market. It's a place that I really wanted to go before we left, and we had tried to go twice before. The first time was "Easter Monday" and it was closed and the second time it was too late in the day and the vendors were closing down. 

 It felt like an authentic farmers market type. They were selling everything from fresh flowers to fresh seafood, there were fabric booths and of course the souvenir booths. We also had a chance to try the Dutch "stroopwafel", which is a very thin cinnamon waffle with a thick honey-like syrup pressed between two. It was very rich, but yummy. Shane could eat only one, which says a lot. He has an unusually high sugar tolerance.
I was able to find some neat fabric and ribbon. Cannon and Ryli spent their Easter money on some wooden shoe slippers. Cannon also got a harmonica and Ryli got a matryoshka set. Surprisingly, Tyler just held on to his money. 

Cannon wanted to play around with this boxer, next thing we know this guy popped out of nowhere and wanted to play too
(one of the things I will always remember, strolling the streets of Amsterdam to Cannon's sweet tunes. he had a lot of lookers)

We stopped and got the kids some pizza, Shane and I wanted to hold out from something different. We caught a tram down to the south end of town and found the Miffy shop and a few other shops that had come recommended by a few different blogs. 

We caught another tram over to the Vondelpark area. We wanted to try out the Kinderkook Kafe. The kids slid down a slide into a sweet little cafe that lets children cook the food that they eat. The selection is limited (obviously) to pizza, sausages, cupcakes and cookies. They opted for cookies since they had already had lunch. They were able to roll out cookie dough, use cookie cutters, ready them on a pan, then play on the playground out back while they baked. It is a novel idea, and I think it was a nice way to mix it up for the kids.

Afterward we went to Vondelpark to let them get some energy out on the playground. I love these European playgrounds. The equipment is so unique. The kids shared a swing with two Dutch children and their grandparents pushed them. I love those simple experiences that allow them to be up close and personal with different cultures…even if only to swing.

(isn't that little boy a doll?!!)
After the park we decided to call it a night a little early. We were all pretty burnt out. We made it back up to Centraal Station and managed to hop on the metro that had the right sign, but decided after everyone had boarded to change the route. The driver let everyone know what was happening…in Dutch. We were oblivious. Once we realized it we were one stop away from the end of the line and a nice lady helped us figure out how to get to the 54. So that set us back a bit, and confirmed how burnt out we all really were.

We survived it, found the car, and made it back to the farm just before bedtime.


Liz said...

those waffles are MariaMae's absolute favorites! Her Mom is Dutch and she stocked up on them and put them in the freezer to thaw and toast!

Becca said...

what a fun trip! it looks amazing.