Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 5: Ryli's 9th and the Keukenhof

We heard the McDonalds breakfast in the Netherlands shouldn't be missed, so today we went. It was very fresh, and the croissants were delish! McDonalds breakfast in the Netherlands did not disappoint.

 A wood carving of Chopin, in the middle of the Keukenhof. Obviously.
 We had about a 20 minute drive to the Keukenhof, but after about 10 minutes we started see the fields. They were ablaze with color. Absolutely beautiful. We had heard that the Keukenhof is like Disneyland without the characters, but if you wanted to see the blankets of color those are outside of the park. So we knew that we would go inside the park, but we also wanted to rent bikes and see the fields up close. It was actually Ryli's request.
Logistically we weren't sure how we would get our six on wheels, but we figured it out. Ty is fine, Ryli can ride a bike, but not strong enough for a major ride, or to compete with the local crazies. (These people come out of the womb on a bike- they are a force to be reckoned with) Cannon hasn't conquered two wheels, and neither has Theo so…we ended up getting a trailer for Cannon and Ryli and putting Theo in a child seat on my bike. The rental people said I needed a bigger bike than I did and between that and having Theo on my bike there were a couple of scary moments. I crashed twice, one of the times I scrapped my hand pretty bad.

Theo ended up in the trailer with the other two, so poor Shane had to pull three.

on the bike ride
After we worked all of the above out, the ride was glorious. One of the coolest things I've ever done. The scents of fields of lilacs, hyacinths, and tulips were heavenly. We rode for about 2 hours, and had to set out to make it to the North Sea, but the Sea we never saw. Ryli still wanted to spend a little time on the farm before it got too dark.
(a real life shot of Ryli's "Almond Blossoms")
I'm so glad Ryli was insistent on the fields.
After we returned the bikes, we walked the park and got a bite to eat. And also found out that we weren't allowed to ship bulbs back to the states :( (sorry Grandma Sharp, Mom and Sue-wee, we really wanted to surprise you with some) They told us that customs had a nose for bulbs…
inside the restaurant

Shane caught this little bit of sunshine!
at the petting zoo-
Ty chased this goat on top of it's house...I'm not kidding. This kid is going to be banished from the country!
Cannon's face kills me!
on the way out...

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