Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 4: Anne Frank House, Pancakes and the Van Gogh Museum

This morning proved to be much easier than yesterday morning. Well deserved, I think. Our first stop was the Anne Frank Huis (house). We waited in line for an hour, with some sporadic rain and wind, but it was certainly worth it. I remember when I first learned about Anne Frank. I was in the 8th grade in Mr. Hanlon's class. (i think that was his name)

I've always been incredibly intrigued by the Nazi rise to power in the second world war. 
We started telling the kids about Anne Frank about a month ago, and found some videos online. I wanted the kids to get as much as they could out of this experience at their ages. Ryli and Cannon walked the entire museum with me. They wanted to read everything and they asked so many questions. I thoroughly enjoyed educating them on this most important part of history. Ty ran ahead and Shane insisted on keeping up with Theo so I spend the time with Ry and Cannon. 
There are no words to describe the feeling of walking through the secret bookcase into the annex. I made sure to touch the walls and the doors, and to get my bearings on the layout of all of the rooms. I'm pretty sure they've maintained the integrity of the original annex. The museum part is where the storerooms and workrooms were. We were instructed to carry our backpacks on the front, so that we could fit through small hallways and up the steep ladder like stairs.
Incredible. A highlight of my life for sure. 
After we toured, we were ready for lunch. I had a recommended spot in mind for lunch called Pancakes. It was SO good! There were plenty of choices, sweet and savory. 
I ordered a ham, raspberry and camembert pancake. 
Shane got a slice of savory pie, with ham, cheese, tomato and spinach, his also came with a side salad that he so kindly shared with me. I'm not sure what the dressing was, but it was delicious. It had pine nuts and pesto and I kept dipping my pancake in it! I'll have to do a little research to try and recreate it. 
Of course the kids all got sweet with butter and powdered sugar. 
(a sidenote: there is nothing like dutch butter)

They brought us our check with four little wooden shoe keychains…perfect. The kids were thrilled!
Then we trammed to the Van Gogh museum, where we walked right in! We got the kids the audio tour and a treasure hunt. Van Gogh is my favorite artist. I loved having so many of his works in one location. Everywhere I turned there was something I hadn't seen before…and I discovered a new favorite, it's called "Piles of French Novels." The colors are almost mouthwatering and inspire me on so many levels.
We have ZERO pictures of the Van Gogh experience:(
(shortly after i took this photo tyler jumped down and shredded his shirt...)

I ended up helping Cannon and Ryli with the hunt, and it was a lot of fun. At the end they turned in their booklets and got to pick out a small print. Ry chose Almond blossoms and Cannon picked out The Flowering Plum Tree. ( I think he just liked the Japanese characters)
I was hoping to purchase a print of the French Novels but they didn't have it. Not even a bookmark. Boo.
(this is Theo's new trick, he's hoping to get out of his stroller to chase the pigeons)
We tried to make it to this street market that I kept reading about, but to no avail. They close at 6pm and we arrived just before.

Back to the farm for dinner and bed.

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