Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 3: Parking, Re-Parking and Amsterdam

Monday started out with a bang. We had an easy/slow morning, which is always welcome with our 4. We thought we had the parking and metro thing figured out. We were wrong. We found Amsterdam Arena, found the parking garage and made it into the station, only to find out we had parked in P6, and if you want the Park and Ride discount you have to park in P1. Shane ran back to the car, and relocated it to P1. It took him about 30 minutes. The kids and I waited, and waited.

(and while we waited i took a pic of some pants i just made for Cannon)
here is the metro station...

Once he made it back to the train station, we figured out that we had to get the free metro tickets that you get if you park in the right place back at the parking garage. So we all went back to P1 to the info desk and picked up our free tickets. Which the worker almost wouldn't give me, because I had Shane wait at the parking garage entrance with the kids, and she wanted to see all five of the people that allegedly needed these tickets. She had mercy on me. I think she could tell that I was at my breaking point.
So we finally made it into Amsterdam. It was rainy and windy, and therefore freezing.
(benind the Rijksmuseum)
We trammed down to the Van Gogh museum, but even with pre-purchased tickets the line was way too long- so we opted to do it another day.
As we walked down the cold and wet streets we stumbled upon a bakery that I read about called "Taart van m'n Tante," or Cakes of my Aunt. It rescued our spirits in the nick of time.
We sipped hot chocolate to warm us up, and indulged in fancy cakes. I ordered a chocolate poppyseed cake. I liked it, Shane said tasted like a wheat thin. Ty ordered a chocolate cake, which he ended up not liking because there was cream in it. Crazy kid. Shane and Ryli split cheesecake, and it was really yummy. So we just sat and enjoyed the scenery, and contemplated our next move.

After we mustered up a little courage we left the warmth and sweets. We strolled over to the Albert Cuyp Market, but it was closed for "Easter Monday."

Apparently the Easter holiday carries over into Monday in Europe.

We gave up, and called it a day.

When we got back to Amsterdam Arena to get our car, we passed by a sporting goods store called Decathlon. We decided to check it out. 

It was a good thing that we did. We found some lined rain boots for Cannon and Ryli on sale. We really weren't prepared for the weather we were experiencing, so I was thrilled to find them. We also picked up some necessary raincoats...

We went back to the farm and and cozied up in our little apartment for the night.

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