Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 2: Easter, Gouda Ward, the Temple and Madurodam

Easter morning was lovely. The sun was shining, we slept in a little, had chocolate for breakfast, then found a local church.
Theo gave dirty looks because he only got a ball...allergies stink! (plus i didn't have time or supplies to make him a basket this year:()
The Gouda Ward, just like the cheese. It was so fun to attend such a quaint service. There were several Americans there, and the locals were so welcoming. After Sacrament meeting we talked with the Bishop's wife (who is American). She gave us lots of tips and her contact info. We tried some "Paastol", a traditional dutch sweet bread that were serving, and sipped hot chocolate. What a lovely experience.

After church we decided to check out the temple. It was about 10 minutes away. It reminded us of the Memphis Temple.
I've never seen a car with eyelashes- 
Then we surprised the kids and took them to Madurodam. A very miniature city.

those seagulls are real.

Ty was too cool for this one...
We loved this place! It had just re-opened from a major renovation the day before...


Liz said...

that miniature city is so awesome! what a great place to go!

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

I loved the car eyelashes... found some on Amazon. Will post picture on FB :) This looks like a marvelous day for all!