Saturday, April 7, 2012

Boerbert: a dutch farm fairytale

also the beginning of spring break, 2012:

we arrived at the farm a little early, but we were welcomed with smiles. our apartment is adorable. (i'll make sure to get some pictures)

we were invited to roam about freely. my children are beside themselves. we were also invited to watch the cows milked at 5pm.

i fixed up a quick lunch, then forced everyone out to find this alleged "dutch target" in Target.
we found it next to this-
are ya kidding me!!!!

i'm in photography heaven....and yes, HEMA is everything i was hoping for and more!

i am totally infatuated with this place. the canals, the architecture, the people, the general vibe...

i really want to buy a house here. or a farm. seriously.

here are a few pics upon our return for the "milking"-

 horse nose

 not a fan of the living cow- but loves them in a puzzle or book

 cow kisses


 lots of cow rears...and udders

 this guy was just walking around
 little lambie
i sure am glad this is a dairy farm. 


Becca said...

looks like a magical place!!

Teriney said...

I just used these photo's to talk to Hazel about dairy was one of her lesson's this week. She loved the pictures! Especially the ones with the kids!