Monday, April 2, 2012

bidet-2, mom-0

i popped into the bathroom while looking for a loose theo, and located him.


 then, he stood up...and turned on the water.
 cannon grabbed the camera.

i guess that makes us: bidet-3, mom-0.

and as a bonus,
theo has managed to figure out the front door, and has escaped 4 times.


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

good to know I'm not the only one losing right now! Its the "approaching terrible twos" phase and it is wearing me out! Loving all your posts (and so is Joey)

Becca said...

i'm sending you child locks.

Chefwife said...

That is awesome. I adore this little one!

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

What a little goof :) Just doesn't get any cuter. I can see how he must wear you out. Yes, you need child locks EVERYWHERE :)))