Wednesday, March 28, 2012


ty, on european graffiti:

"mom, german teenagers are quite artistic...and not in a good way."

(stated as we drove down the highway to pick shane up from work, glancing up from a book)

ty, on defiance:

we walked through some beautiful gardens the other day and ty found a good sized rock. he started tossing it around, and i told him not to throw it UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. (there were a lot of kids around)

30 seconds later, he threw it.

me: "ty, not even one minute ago i said not to throw that rock under any circumstances!!!"

ty: "i didn't throw it. i dropped it, with style."

ty, on how he really feels:

at the same gardens we came to some castle ruins. he asked if he could climb, i told him to be careful.

ty: "mom, careful is my middle name."

me: "no way."

ty: "you're right. danger is my middle name. and your middle name is boring."

me: "ouch."

ty, on babysitting:

tonight i had a relief society activity. i asked ty to watch theo in the primary room, and told him that there might be a reward involved. (shane is out of town)

ty: "mom, theo got hurt and he's upset."

me: "what happened to his head? he has a goose egg, i asked you to watch him!"

ty: "i was watching him!"

me: "then what happened?"

ty: "i don't know."

me: "you're fired."

p.s.- shane recently had "the talk" with ty. his first, and most concerned question was, "where do people do things like this? I have never seen anyone do that!!!"

we're grateful.

the next night when Shane was tucking him in, he seemed twins.

he's quick witted, and too big for his britches. that kid.

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Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Tyler is clearly going to grow up to be an intellect. I hope he uses that intelligence to make a lot of money :)... or save the world.