Thursday, March 8, 2012

Luisenpark, on a Wednesday off

the kids helped me clear the downstairs apartment of about 785 empty cardboard boxes that the moving company was coming to pick up. okay, it wasn't 785, but at least 150.

we have these great windows. i opened them up and fed the boxes to the kids to be stacked on the patio.

it was the best show of teamwork i've seen in a long time, maybe ever. brilliant.

so afterward, we ran a few errands, then decided to head to a highly recommended park up in Mannheim.


i was expecting a nice sized city park, but got so much more.
(fortunately everyone brought along their webkinz fowl...and rested them on their arms, no less)

i was surprised to have to pay to get in. not much, 16 euro. they handed me a map and pointed me toward the direction of the indoor playground. we were happy to hear that they had one. Shane and I came unprepared for the brisk winds.
so we strolled, and admired the adorable sights and many many species of geese and ducks, and giant hungry fish.
red squirrel
ty came toe to toe with one peculiar fellow. he was asking for food, we weren't providing.
we stopped by the medieval playground.

then entered the "greenhouse".

there where otters, birds, monkeys, reptiles, orchids and butterflies, oh my!
it was such a fun surprise...and so warm inside!

the largest ppppython that i've ever seen in real life.
it was hungry, i just know it.

we can't wait to come back when it warms up to see the place in bloom!
last but not least, a german grandma in her plaid blazer. i had to get a picture, so cute!


Becca said...

poor theo! that goose egg looks painful!

cool park. looks like the little rock zoo, but cheaper. :)

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

What a wonderful park. The kids looked so excited. Could have without the snake picture :) But it was so good to see everyone. Thanks for the photos, Kris. They are wonderful.