Monday, March 19, 2012

in other news:

i love getting packages in the mail...and living abroad means packages a few times a week.
(and lots of online shopping)
i made an american dinner the other night of steak sandwiches, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus...all to the tunes of the very american James Taylor. i love singing while i cook. and, i love that my kiddos can't help but join me.
(some of us were more excited about it than others)
we spent Friday night in Cologne. post in progress.
i cannot wait for spring break. Netherlands bound. we're staying here, a dairy farm in Holland.
my mind is completely wrapped up in quilting for the time being. i love 12squared.
the Supermen keep watch on the towel warmer...protecting the innocent.
we went bowling last Saturday, we had a lot of fun. and the pizza was good.
cannon is signed up for spring soccer. we think he starts in April.

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Becca said...

sooo jealous of your package stack! your chairs look great, by the way!!