Friday, March 2, 2012

happy march

just trying to do my annual paperwork purge (2 months late), and this guy can't keep his feet off...or should i say out.

a few things about him lately~
he's about 19 months. he says: more, book, cracker, let go, dada (i'm dada too, by the way) bye bye, something that sounds like thanks...and screams at the top of his lungs whenever he chooses. he is the center of the house, and knows it, expects it. he has started listening when we tell him no-no, but will still give that mischevious grin and proceed with vigor. when he wants something he will grab one of our hands and lead us to whatever it is, usually a graham cracker. his awesome diet of a variety of colors and food groups has pretty much dwindled to the many shades of biege. he's really into graham crackers, bread, peanut butter, and will only drink water, aside from the fact that he still nurses at night. he's still very much a momma's boy, but has secured a firm spot in his daddy's arms, they've become pretty tight. when he's feeling particularly saucy he'll go upstairs to one of the kids rooms and play for a minute. he doesn't really care to nap much, especially since he stopped his daytime nursing, but he'll crash hard in the car....he loves his brothers, but adores his sister. i think he senses her maternal instinct, and she's really good with him. i love being able to rely on her for help, knowing that she loves him like i do. he loves books. he loves relocating anything that is in it's correct location. he acts like he has chores when he gets up in the morning, moving everything around. he still doesn't have much hair, and seems tall for his age, but is growing into some of the baby fat, which makes me sad.
he is one opinionated, busy little bug, but i can't imagine life without him. and those thighs....oh, those thighs are like butter!!!!
some of the random things theo gets called:
theo the man, wonder baby, bug, buggy, pooh bear, booboo, boogie, stinky pete, baybo, buster brown...there are more, i just know it.

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Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Seeing Theo climb into your paperwork is one of the most precious things I have ever seen.