Sunday, February 12, 2012

Speyer on MLK Day

I'm too tired to retrieve my photo card, so here is the next best thing. This is an oldie but goodie-

We ventured out to Speyer to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s b-day. We wanted to go to an we found one about 30 minutes away.

 Speyer is a neat little city. We located our destination, then parked. We found ourselves near some kind of marina on a river-- a little river called the Rhine.
Anyhoo- we were hungry, so we followed a sign that had the Italian flag on it, with some words that seemed appetizing. Our senses were correct and we found a really special Italian restaurant overlooking the Rhine river. It was very authentic, not a word of English spoken at this place. Our 1st waiter gave up and sent for some guy in the back who knew a little Espanol to help us with our order. We ordered water with no gas- which is still water, because when you order water in Europe it will always result in carbonated- or gassy- water. Well they didn't have any non-gassy water, so the kids sat thirsty, Shane sucked it up, and I sipped with pleasure. I like the gassy water. The kids ordered a traditional margherita wood fired pizza, I ordered spinach cannelloni and Shane ordered lasagna.
Our waiter kept checking in on Ryli. He thought she was cute. It was very sweet, but I'm afraid we're nearing the age where motives start becoming questionable. Not this guy though, he was harmless.

While we waited for our food Shane and I had to pinch ourselves. We have to do that a lot here.
Eating authentic Italian on the Rhine. Are you kidding me??!!

It was divine. All of it.

So anyway, at the end of our meal they brought our zahlen (check) and two shot glasses full of something...I asked if it was tequila because that was what was on the glass. They said no, then Shane translated "melon juice". So I shrugged my shoulders and drank.

It wasn't melon juice. It was a melon flavored liquor, and it knocked my socks off. In fact, it burns a little just thing about it.

 Shane apologized, then we headed to the aquarium.

It was a neat little place. Our expectations weren't high so we were easy to please. The kids always love an aquarium.

this kid is petting a shark, not sure he's mine!
high five!
We even got to see the sharks feed....
which scared Ryli.

After the tour was complete we drove in a circle for a little while, admiring the amazing cathedral in the city center (which I have to go back to photograph) and looking for the way out of Speyer.
It was quite the multi-cultural MLK day. I think he would be proud!


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