Sunday, February 12, 2012

quirky kurfurstanallee

we're in our house on Kurfurstenallee (street), Leimen (city), Baden-Wuerttemberg (state), Deutschland (country). A few things...

the heat doesn't work in our room, so we freeze at night. we bought space heaters until we get it fixed. the heating is different here, on the ground level we have floor heating, which is apparently controlled by...a man at a computer somewhere. upstairs, each room has it's own radiator type heater so the kids are all warm. the basement, we haven't figured that out yet.

trash service is tricky here. the germans throw MUCH LESS away. i can conform, don't get me wrong, i just need someone to tell me the secret. there are no garbage disposals, so all food waste is picked up in a separate trash can and composted. also, the outdoor trash cans are a quarter of the size of American ones. AND, pick up is once every two weeks. fortunately, the army base has a recycling center for us to use.

here is shane using our massive reverse fireplace/stove/eyesore to warm us makes him feel like a boy scout.

more on settling in later.


Em said...

love it. it's how we all live here in the northeast as well. old radiators and stuff. here's the trash trick: they don't buy processed stuff, they eat all fresh foods that can be composted later, they cloth diaper, they use cloths and towels instead of paper napkins/paper towels. so jealous of you guys. have fun!

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

No heat in my room? :)