Monday, February 20, 2012

parles-vous anglais??: day 1

our travels begin. first stop, France.

we planned this trip before we even had a house, so as our move in date and our Paris trip approached, and within a week of each other, trip planning took the back seat. we even considered not going...for about 45 seconds.
so we didn't plan a single thing. I looked at a few blogs for kid friendly ideas, but there was one major goal- and that was the Eiffel Tower. it was the one thing that everyone wanted to do for sure.
I let the kids skip school on Friday and Shane took the day off. We left town around 10am, about 2 hours later than planned. we arrived in Paris around 4pm. as you can imagine, we made several stops.
the apartment left a lot to be desired, but we tried to focus or energy on spending just enough time there to sleep, shower and warm up. it was do-able. also, europeans are very strict with the number of people staying in a room, our limit was four. so we decided to remain mum.

we headed out Friday night to the most convenient sight around, the Chateau de Vincennes. it was really cool, an old castle, older than the Louvre. we got there just as they were closing, so we only got a few pictures of the outside. plus there was a heavy mist coming down, so we sought shelter.

the hunt for dinner lead to the comforts of the familiar golden arches. i wan't excited about it, but sometimes you just have to go with it...especially when you're outnumbered.
and we are.
i made immediate friends with two elderly french women who sat next to us. one lady kept asking me to open her food for her and the other just babbled away. i just smiled and nodded. shane snickered.
what was i supposed to do. i didn't even know how to tell them that i didn't understand them...

it made me homesick for Germany, and a language that i'm more comfortable with. even though i don't speak 

after dinner we headed back to the apartment to rest up for a the big Saturday!

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