Thursday, February 23, 2012

in Paris with 4 kids: day 3

we started out Sunday morning on the metro headed to a french flea market.
it was very cool, and very pricey. not what you would expect from a flea market. but, i had to go. and i would go again, perhaps without the offspring.

i found a neat vintage wooden toy for Theo, but it was 30 euro (about $40)...i passed.

as with most of Paris, it was very smokey and the kids were reprimanded for touching things. they didn't last long. i don't blame them. in fact, Ryli commented, "what's the point of going to a flea market if you can't touch anything? it's supposed to be a treasure hunt!" love that girl.

Shane pulled them off to the side for a snack break, and let me explore a little longer...such a great guy.
we strolled back to the metro en route to Jardin de Luxembourg. we heard it was kid friendly, and were ready for open fields and a bite to eat.

we found both. the park located behind the Palais de Luxembourg, was perfect. the kids harassed more pigeons and ducks. we found sandwiches and crepes and soaked up a little sunshine. a success for sure!
even Theo was a tourist attraction. he got lots of looks, and even video-ed. he tripped once and all of these people came running to his rescue....

Notre Dame was next on the agenda. we walked a few blocks after another metro ride. we discovered a wonderful bakery--i loaded up on the goods of course!

(pan au chocolat- Jen, that's for you!)

we passed a street band, and this time Ty made friends with pigeons by offering bites of his pretzel.

then, suddenly, Notre Dame was right there! what a beautiful place.

my thoughts went to my grandfather. we lit candles for he and Truman and said a little prayer. i could feel my grandfather's presence.
i think the kids enjoyed it as much as we did. the stained glass was impeccable, enough to cover a football field, we were told.
i admired the architecture, archways and carvings. i appreciate the history, labor, and creativity that went into these works- all thanks to Ken Follett and his book The Pillars of the Earth. seriously.

after the Notre Dame tour, we hopped on the red bus for a little break.
we visited the Arc de Triomphe, the French Opera, checked out the Champs Elysees, shot more pics of the Eiffel Tower and hopped off at the Pont des Arts.

the Pont des Arts is a pedestrian bridge where couples attach a padlock to the rail and throw the key into the Seine below. i forgot a padlock, but will have one for sure next time.
then, it was back to the Louvre for yet another bathroom break. 

then, we took the metro back to our stop. on the walk home we stopped at a pizzeria to pick up dinner.

the french do a lot of things is not one of them. the desserts were scrumptious, however. tiramisu and more chocolate mousse.

there is definitely a theme here.

we were so exhausted every night we were there. i crashed hard as soon as my head it the pillow. i'm pretty sure Theo outlasted me at least two of the nights. it was good though, to walk off all of those decadent french treats...

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Amy said...

Thanks for letting us see Paris through your eyes. What a fun experience for your family. It's on my bucket list...someday.