Friday, February 24, 2012

au revoir par-ree: day 4

on our last day in the city of lights we woke up early, packed up the car and checked out of our room, the place we were staying was kind enough to let us keep our car parked for the day. 

we stopped a bakery on the way to the metro and asked for "one of each", not really, but almost. i got beingets, shane got a l'eclair, the kids got do-nuts and candy necklaces. we stopped in the city center of vincennes to enjoy our freshly baked breakfast. it truly was as delightful as it sounds.

we metroed in, back to the Tour Eiffel. this time we were going up. thankfully the sun was out, unfortunately the line was long. very long. i knew that if we waited in line, that would consume our last day, which meant no time for shopping.

we tried to explain to ryli what would happen if we waited, but she stuck to her guns. she also assured everyone that it would be worth it, very matter of factly. she was serious. so we waited in line for two long hours...
waiting on the lift...almost there!
and she was right. it was extraordinary. my adrenaline was pumping because of the height, but the sentiment brought tears to my eyes.
it was one of those "we have arrived" moments. we took several pictures, visited the souvenir shop, and then caught the next elevator down. i think we were up there for about 20 minutes.

we grabbed a bite to eat, then headed over to the "tissue" district, or fabric district - 18th arrondissement. located at the foot of the Montmartre Basilique and the Sacre-Coeur were streets lined with fabric, and one place in particular called Marche Saint-Pierre. it was 6 floors of bolts of fabric, mostly upholstery and home dec weight, with the fashion fabric mixed in. there was one sad little shelf of cotton, which they called patchwork sad. it had so much potential!
the boys ventured to a local park, while ryli and i explored. it was fun to look around, but by this time the sun was starting to set. we still had a metro ride, and then another walk to get back to our car- then a 4.5 hour drive home. we found the boys, and let kids play for another 15 minutes then headed back. our time in Paris had come to an end, for now.
and that was the best part, the "for now". i was disappointed with the little shopping that i did, and the food that we didn't get to try (escargot), and the museums we didn't make it to, namely the fashion and military history. but we'll be back soon, for sure. and maybe the temps will be a bit warmer...and we'll buy our Eiffel Tower tickets in advance.
au revoir, paris.


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

I love escargot :)

Teriney said...

I might change my mind about donuts if I had one of those?!...yummy looking donuts!