Monday, January 16, 2012

where we live, present and future

this is where we are staying right now.
 we are on the bottom floor, those are our windows. you can see the "rolladens", or outside blinds.
(there's lil' red on the right)

 the kids get a big kick out of this sign. it's right by the entrance to our apartment.
 en route to the streetcar stop
 we see lots of solar panels. tyler is always the first to point them out. i think he's impressed by the concept.
 random zigaretten machines spread throughout neighborhoods, this does not impress my children.
 esso stations play an important role in our lives, we get to buy gas at american prices here. we have a special rations card...they also sell our favorite candy for cheap. we heart esso.
 still heading toward our train stop. there is star 2, a good place to eat. they know us there, mainly because we stick out like sore thumbs, but we're okay with that.
 georgi platz, the town center, and our stop.
 there she is, #23, our life line.
 and here is where we de-train. it's the bismarck platz.  lots of shopping, eating, and where we went to the christmas market.

this is the side of our rental. we just signed the lease. it's on kurfurstenallee strasse. it's not as hard to pronouce as it looks, try it. the side of the house faces the street, in fact, i had just gotten out of the car when i took this photo.
walking up the sidewalk to the front door.
 finally, the front door.
 entry way
 downstairs/master bath. that is a bidet with the wicker basket on it. i dunno.

 opposite view of the entry way
 kitchen with american fridge that housing gives us- i think i'll have the movers put that in the basement, because....
 we have a euro fridge right over there. and that little thing on top is the icebox. so, yes, i will need the fridge. just not killing my kitchen feng shui. plus, i don't think you can open the oven all of the way with it in there.
 i'm pleased with the amount of cabinet and counter space- just gotta get that fridge out.
 living room. man, i miss my furniture. i think it'll look great in this room.
 dining room. i'm hoping to convince our landlord to paint it white. if you look next to the windows you will see the mechanism used to lower the rolladens. they're over the doors too.
 and....we're upstairs. this is the landing, which might be just be my new sewing headquarters. still working that one out in my head. to the left will be ry's room.
 and here it is. i am in love with the floors.
 she has a shared balcony with ty, which scares the be-jeezus out of me.
 kids bathroom. i adore the ceiling lines upstairs. i'm pretty sure that is what sold me on the house.
 this is ty's room. what a lucky kid.
 he gets a loft. it's the first time he's had his own room since he can remember. he promised to share it with everyone...except theo. he's not allowed.
 he has big plans for this space.
 i love that the little triangle window opens.
 and finally, cannon and theo's room. it'll just be cannon's until this summer. but it's the biggest room in the house, and that's how we sold it to him. compromising with the loft room was tricky.
the balcony doors open, but only to a juliet balcony, i think it's called. however, i plan to never open them. knowing theo, he will try to fly down.

and this will conclude the tour for tonight. my computer is tired, and so am i. i will post the rest of the house tomorrow.
stay's quirky!


Jen said...

How fun Kristin! The upstairs would have sold me too.

Anonymous said...

Really neat! It won't be too tough living there! Especially w/those London prices!

Jennifer R. said...

It's beautiful! I love it! Holy cow, my Tyler will want to adopt you guys if he could share that loft! How fun! Well done!