Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ty is 10, symbolism

today was different than the way we normally celebrate a birthday.

there were no balloons this morning. instead, i got up and immediately serenaded my eldest with the birthday song. he smiled, because he thinks my sweet tunes are that of a bluebird.

not really.

i gave him the choice to go to school, or play hooky and come on an adventure with me. he chose adventure. he always will.

i took ry and cannon to school with frowns on their faces and promises of surprises upon our return.

ty, theo and i set out on our journey to frankfurt.

as i drove, i reflected on 10 years of motherhood. 10 years of undying devotion to this person, that my partner and i created. CREATED.

it still gets me.

10 years ago, i had no idea what was in store for our little family. 3 siblings to follow, several moves, smiles and trials, laughs, tears, adventures and disappointments. many moments spent feeling unworthy and many questioning what i had gotten myself into. many spent in utter disbelief in the majesty of our creation.

motherhood is epitome of full circle.

as i sailed down the autobahn listening to music, watching ty play his ds in the rear view mirror and theo nap, i was reminded of my pregnancy with my first born and how we embarked upon our very first adventure together, just me and him. with shane checking in often to make sure we were safe.

just as he was doing today.
(for the record, shane was there for the entire pregnancy and birth, i am more referring to the intimacy that lies between the pregnant mother and her unborn child)

there was the common goal of arrival, and though our destination of frankfurt can hardly be compared to childbirth...finding parking was almost as difficult.

i love this kid. i'm terrified when i see myself in him, and beam when i see shane in him. he's smart. really smart (shane), he's a bit of a control freak (me), he's inquisitive (shane), and he nags his siblings (me). he has incredible eyes, he's loyal, his goals are clear and his confidence unwavering.
tyler couldn't have been a better choice for my first born, though, i would never question the one who chooses.

we made it to frankfurt, finally parked, and had to find him yet another hat. his ears were freezing and the wind was bitter cold. we located the lego store, then i indulged him with ice cream for lunch, and a quick stop at a creperie for a nutella crepe.

we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. i enjoyed spoiling him.
(notice my uber highlights??)

have you ever walked into a store and told your child to "go crazy, get whatever you want"? that was how we did presents this year. the look on his face was worth it. i highly recommend it.

we made it back to heidelberg only 10 minutes late for a walk through on our house. the gps and i had a small misunderstanding about the location of a particular petrol station...
ty only requested pizza and a game of monopoly for the evening. of course i made his favorite brownies and he had a few presents to open from family, including a copy of the hobbit, from shane.

his birthday wasn't a grandiose celebratory party, but it was special. he felt special. because on that one day of the year, you really should get everything you want...be it ice cream for lunch, school skipping, or just getting to go first in the game of monopoly.
i thank my lucky stars daily for ty.
lookie at what i stumbled upon today...


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

What a wonderful portrait of Tyler's birthday and your life in Germany. OMG!!! H&M Home :)))) Lots of smiles on my face while I browsed your blog. Thanks K!

Robyn said...

Such a sweet post. Those first borns are something else. Happy birthday Tyler!

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I like your style: brief and informative. Good job!

Abbey and Todd said...

I love this. I can't even imagine Cohen being 10 years old. I have so much to look forward to. Tyler is a sweet kid. I hope all your kids (and you) are doing well over there.

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