Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Patrick Henry Elementary it is!

(here is a shot of our sweet ride. jealous?)
the kiddos started their new school yesterday, it went really well. coming from a mom who has started my children at a new school several times- this was, by far, the warmest reception yet!

 cannon's teacher called us on the friday before to ask us to come in on saturday so we could meet her. it worked out so well. her name is ms. drew. she is a single lady, and has lived here for 7 years. she has also taught in england, and plans to stay with dodds schools for her whole career. she loves the opportunity to travel and teach. we really like her!
cannon's class

cannon has two friends from his church class in his class at school, it made his first day so much easier...and also lunch with his mom!

as for ty and ry, we didn't find out their teachers until monday morning. they both had a set of "meeter greeters" come to the front of the school and introduce themselves and give the kids a tour. each grade has their own counselor, so they were there to meet us also. they quickly went from nervous to excited as soon as their welcoming committee showed up! 
ty's crew
ryli's teacher is ms. bowker, and ty has ms. van burden. ty also lucked out- the one boy in his church class is also in his 4th grade class.
ryli's crew
pick up went really well, the kids were bouncing off the walls. or so i was told. i couldn't make it, shane had to get them...i was busy failing my driving test. boo.

all in all, i'm really impressed with the school.

we are going to try out the german schools when we move to Kaiserslautern, i hope.


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Thanks for the update, Kristin. It really means a lot to be able to see the Sharps in action! You guys ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

Amy said...

Glad the school was a success for the kids. That's a big one! Things seem to be coming together for you. So happy for your family.

Becca said...

that is one amazing looking kindergarten room. glad the kids are getting settled. the driving will come.