Wednesday, January 25, 2012

now we are seven...

(title dedicated to Amy G and the rest of 12squared)
the heavens smiled down on us and delivered our van about 10 days early!!
we are so happy to have our whole family here in Germany!

As Shane and I sat in the Quest Luv and ate Burger King (i'm embarrassed to admit how much we've eaten there over the last month, it's just that they take debit cards...and speak english!) we pondered the adventures taken with/in our beloved van child.

It's been through the Texas desert, to the rim of the Grand Canyon, gambled in Vegas, trekked through the Rockies, sailed on the flat plains of Kansas and Oklahoma, and of course survived the sweltering summers of the Natural State. Now, here we are in Europe.

It underwent a bit of drilling for the front plate, passed the safety inspection, and was fully prepared to spread it's wings on the autobahn. And it rose to the occasion. We just have to brush up on the whole metric system thing, which of course the Quest is equipped to translate with the touch of a button.

I, on the other hand, am still a work in progress.

We pulled up to the school at 2:30, and the kids bounded toward us with cheers. The Quest received the kisses it deserved.

It's been a long separation, 5 weeks.

Shane has been promoted from public transit to Lil' Red. Not sure how long that will last, he's ready for  his own automobile. Apparently something with 4 wheels, not 2.


Amy said...

I knew my dream was good for something! So happy you hve Quest Luv will be a little easier with her back in the family.

emilysigler said...

congratulations! ;)

Natalie said...

Yay for quest mini's. They're so special. I just looked over your new life and have officially deemed it magical and glorious. Piper and I are contemplating leaving the family and striking it out on our own(with you guys) in Germany. Ryan keeps eating your cadbury mini's. He's eventually sending you some. Maybe after Easter when the sight of them make him ill...we'll keep our fingers crossed. I miss you even more than I misses you before. I think about you guys all the time and can't wait to come see you someday! Kiss your babies for me and give Shane a high five. As for you, give yourself a big hug and know that you are loved admired and missed! Much love to you my friend!!!