Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a little bit of sunshine

we woke up to sunshine. a rare occurrence.

we stayed in our pj's for most of the day.
the wind was blowing and the temperature dropped, and the sun hid behind the clouds.

we watched a little cnn international- the only english speaking channel we get- and rio about 40 more times.

theo is cutting his one year molars. his life sucks right now. he sure does like his sister's calico critters house, though. every now and then i see him try to climb inside.
it makes his sister crazy...
i really need to figure out schooling for these children, it's making me crazy.

happy tuesday.


Jennifer R. said...

Tyler tried to send Ty an email yesterday. Will you let me know if he received it? It didn't show up in his sent folder but it is acting flaky so I don't know.

Oh my goodness, what cute shots of Theo!! I'm pretty sure they all are!

I don't envy your position in trying to figure out what to do with their schooling. But I will tell you the comforting words my sister said to me when I was in serious turmoil about my decision to pull the kids from PA. --Whatever you decide to do, the beauty is that is doesn't have to be permanent.-- Of course, their experience with whatever you choose will add to the chapters of who they are. They have been born of goodly parents.... So... You're good with whichever or whatever you choose. Having said all that, if you choose to "go American", I don't think anyone would consider you any less of a pioneer or less courageous. I know I am quietly envying your awesome experience. Hugs.

Becca said...

at least you have some really pretty flowers on your window sill. xo