Tuesday, January 17, 2012

future con't:

 shane and i called the room with the cool lights...not really. we just wanted the kids to be on the same floor. which, we'll probably end up regretting later-
sure hope one of those brass pointy things doesn't drop into one of our eyes one night...
anyhoo, this is the back/side yard. it's a good size. pretty flat for futbol practice, and a perfect spot for a tomato plant.

that's shane, theo and col. robbins. he's the current occupant and a really nice guy.
back in the living room is a fireplace. can't you tell? so the deal is, you have to load the wood through a little hatch in the entry way and you use it as more of a stove...interesting. see below.

now down to the basement

the doorway to the left is a small bedroom, and the doorway with the pillar is the mother in law apartment. or, YOUR bedroom. yes, you.
small bedroom.
guest room.

a kitchenette,

bathroom- minus bidet-
+ shower.
giant laundry room, with european washer and american dryer, and huge orange heating unit.

and we're back to the front door. there are a few other fun little things about our place, but you're just going to have to come see for yourself. seriously.

that concludes the tour of haus der sharp.

aside from the cool roof lines, rustic wood floors and superb celestial lighting in the master bedroom, my favorite thing about this house (and europe in general) is the toilets. i love that they are attached to the wall. i love that the tanks are hidden in the wall.

look back at the pictures, you'll see what i mean.

living with four boys you learn to appreciate things like this. spillage is much easier to clean up when there are no cracks to seep into...


Michelle said...

Do you mean me? ;)

jennie said...

i love reading about your adventures. i'm so excited to see how everything comes together with your house-- and everything else. i can't wait to see what gems of fabric you find in sweet shops there too!

Teriney said...

love the house!!!!

Marty Whitelaw said...

This house seems to go on forever! I really like the shower in the basement! Wish I could have one here! Once again daughter, incredible housing find! Hugs to all!



Liz said...

what a charmingly quirky house! can't wait to see what you do with it!

Abbey and Todd said...

Love the house, Kristin!! Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. I want to be the first to come stay in that guest bedroom.

Marty Whitelaw said...

The clothesline in laundry room will be really neat! marty