Sunday, December 11, 2011

zombies with the friendlies

we are packing in every little reason to spend the night with our friends...this time it was a walking dead marathon at the griffins' lair. some of us are bigger fans than others- but more than anything, it was fun just to be together.

 our children are like cousins, of sorts. it's so sweet to watch them come together, then break off into their own little groups for play.
once we finally talked them into sleep, we put on our zombie hats and prepared some munchies. just as it should be.
but first, these sneaky girls presented me with one of the most amazing things i've ever been given- a busy book for my busy theo for the plane to germany. a labor of love, no doubt.

as a family, and an individual, we are overwhelmed with the amount of love that runs through these people. i know for certain that i am a better, more fulfilled person because of the griffins, toblers and hartzells. my heart is heavy, and i plead with them almost daily to come with us. this journey would be so much more fun with them...
unfortunately, i was the first to call it a night...about 2am. everyone else was up until 3am and they even got up earlier than me.

but really- i don't get any real sleep.

we ate a delicious cinnamon toast breakfast from the pioneer woman, and then said our goodbyes.

our schedule suddenly seems pretty full. the packers will be here monday...

the countdown is on, 7 days left in america.


Admiral Joe said...

I've never heard you call Holly the pioneer woman before. Why is that?

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

I know it is sad to leave such wonderful friends, but they will always be your friends and you guys will be meeting so many more on your new adventure.

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