Sunday, December 25, 2011

a scotch tape christmas eve

we woke up later than we wanted. we can't seem to kick the time difference thing.

we left the apartment later than we wanted. our kids tried to talk us out of going anywhere. they hadn't left the house in two days. we forced them out.

 we needed to run to the PX (a store on base that sells a little of everything, american and tax free- kinda like a mini-walmart), we were also planning to sign up for cell phones and open a bank account.
(theo hearts germany)
we only got one thing accomplished and that was getting to the PX. everything closed early. my kids fought the ENTIRE time we were out, i tried not to hurt them, or myself. ryli was even reprimanded on the train by a sweet old lady for putting her shoes on the seat. she was really sweet, and i was glad that she did it.

we got home from the worst christmas eve errand running trip EVER, and tried to reclaim the holiday spirit. shane told the kids that those who wanted to have a grouchy christmas could go to the grouchy christmas room- which was the kids bedroom- and that was our tactic for the rest of the evening.

(that's right, our stockings were hung with scotch tape)

they each ended up in that room at least a few times, except for theo. he's too young for the grouchy christmas room.
(our make shift tree in the corner on the right)

so i made spaghetti, baked cookies, did a puzzle, spruced the place up with a little personal christmas cheer, and the kids participated when and where they wanted.
they played our charlie brown christmas game, wrote a note to santa, set out the milk and cookies and called it a night.

they were ready for bed earlier than 10pm for the first time since we've been here. which, was glorious.

theo stayed up to help us wrap presents, the only rule i gave him was that he couldn't touch anything meant for him. and he didn't.

then, shane and i were ready for bed earlier than we have been since we've been here...3am. theo tried to squeeze one more hour out of us to no avail....


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

I really like the way your place looks. The furniture looks like it is from Ikea:) The stockings work and the kids look healthy... what more can you ask? Hope your Christmas Day was happier and that things start to normalize (whatever THAT is)soon.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all....I liked talking with you more! Still don't have your Skype invite!