Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks, with my favorite people

We started out our Thanksgiving festivities Wednesday night, with a yummy meal of mexican with the Griffins, in their new town of Hot Springs. Then we really partied hard with a sleepover...and played Scrabble and ate lots of junk food.

 The next morning we woke early to watch the parade (a tradition in our family, even if I'm the only one that watches) and started all of the cooking. Slowly, the Hartzells and Toblers trickled in. Shortly after everyone arrived we kindly asked the men to take the children to park, and leave the ladies to do our work.

 Spending time in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on Thanksgiving dinner with my best friends was perfect for my soul. I'm already feeling the pains of missing them desperately...

Once the good sports returned with all of the kiddies in tow, we blessed the food and filled our plates.
The. food. was. amazing.

The kids barely ate...what kid would want to sit and eat when they are surrounded by so many friends.

The grown-ups sat around the table and visited. Some of us nursed our babies, some of us ate more and more, one of us broke a chair- but I wouldn't dare tell (LARRY), and some of us puzzled.

After dessert, we said our goodbyes, and we were homebound. A few preparations were made for the family portion of Thanksgiving.

Again, a wonderful meal, cooked with love, surrounded by special people, and a rainbow of personalities.
We came home and tucked our babes into bed. Then I started my Black Friday plotting. I wasn't as excited about it this year. I didn't see a lot that I wanted, and the midnight time change sort of threw me off.

Thanks to Teriney, and the fact that I couldn't just sit at home when EVERYONE was out bargain shopping, I headed out.

We actually had fun, it wasn't too cold, and I was able to find a few neccessary purchases. I got home around 2:30am, and crashed hard...

It was the perfect Thanksgiving, and the perfect beginning of the end of our time here in the LR!

(another AMAZING part of Thanksgiving weekend, was when we got together for Just Dance...and a coupla guys got their groove on...)
i laughed so hard i cried.

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Becca said...

thanks for this post. the picture of all of us in the kitchen (you behind the lens) made me tear up. i'm really going to miss our shobtzin family. (sh-sharp, ob-tobler, tz-hartzells, in-griffins...if that wasn't obvious).