Sunday, December 25, 2011

Frohliche Weihnachten

we haven't done a thing today except, sleep, eat, open presents, play and talk to loved ones.

the kids woke up at 8am. we turned on the lights, opened the blinds, turned on the christmas music and let the kids open. theo slept in.

we started a new tradition this year, the kids only got three presents plus their stockings. we made the decision last year and have spent the year reminding them, to soften the Christmas morning shock...
the kids got a kinder "uberraschung" (surprise) egg in their stocking. they were chocolate with a little surprise in a capsule in the middle. oddly enough, both boys got a different car and ryli got some kind of shark thing.
everything went swimmingly. not one explanation was offered, not a complaint was made, and somehow, the kiddos spent the entire day busily playing with their new surprises. that alone was a gift indeed.
we were able to talk with friends and family, and were constantly reminded how far away we are.
in turn, it made us recognize how close the six of us are, now that it is just us. one of the biggest reasons we made this decision in the first place.
theo is moo-ing away at his new farm animals. cannon has already completed his lego sets. ryli is making sure her calico critters are tucked safely in bed- with the real working lights in the off position. ty has barely given his ds a break from pokemon black, and shane and i are stealing their delicious german chocolate every chance we get.

Happy Christmas, from our new home in Deutschland.


Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Thank you for the pixs! I am tearing up... I know it is weird, but knowing you guys are so far away made me miss you more. I am so glad the Sharp Six is safe and healthy. But at least you have yourselves and that's saying a lot. And the fact that you recognize how special it is adds to that pile of proud I feel about you.

Jennifer R. said...

We did Christmas Day a little different than normal this year, as well. We stayed home and pretty much uninvited the rest of my family, other than my parents. It was so much quieter and stress free. It was the first Christmas day I've enjoyed as much as the ones from my childhood in maybe my whole adult life.

The dollhouse and farm are adorable. Are they from Germany? Chad had ordered a bunch of German chocolate before Thanksgiving and made me hide it from him so that I could ration it out to last through Christmas. We have pretty much been gorging ourselves on it also this past week. It has been wonderful!

So, did you drive 140 KmH today or 140 km's??? Either sounds liberating, actually! Have a great tomorrow!