Tuesday, December 20, 2011

auf weidersehen

we said some hard goodbyes, loaded our belongings, and hit the road- just like a circus.

first stop- adams field/ little rock national airport. we managed to get all of our luggage checked for free, the cost, however, was breaking the printer. we wreaked all kinds of havoc at the continental counter and we hadn't even gotten our boarding passes.
 not good.
our handmade luggage tags were a gift from holly, they worked perfectly!

for the first time in the history of our family we cleared security without setting off any alarms. a miracle.

we found our gate, boarded our prop jet, and headed to houston. all was well.
in houston, we had to skip over 4 terminals to get to the international terminal. we grabbed a quick dinner, pizza for the kids and charley's for the adults.

before we knew it our flight to frankfurt was boarding and it was time to say so long to american soil.

we occupied almost an entire row, and we realized after we sat down in our seats that ryli was either sitting next to an open seat- or she would be sitting next to a stranger. the flight was sold out...so a stranger it was. it lasted for about 60 seconds, when she got up and approached us with giant crocodile tears and begged us not to make her sit by a STRANGER!!!!!

logistically there was no way around it. i had to be next to theo and the boys needed a little supervision. the final solution was for theo to ride on my lap (for 10 hours) and out ryli in the middle seat, between me and shane so that he was still able to watch the boys.

we finally arrived in frankfurt around 11:45am local-4:45am little rock.
customs was a breeze, we located our bags fairly easily. the trouble came when we had to figure out how to get all of us, a stroller, and three luggage carts out to our shuttle. that meant me, shane and ty were pushing carts, ryli was pushing the stroller and cannon had two free hands because he didn't want to pull his carry on. booooooo.

we were all incredibly tired and grouchy at this point.

it 45 minutes to realize that out shuttle driver was on a bench right next to us. he finally pulled the sign that said "Herr Shane Sharp" from behind a phone booth. i almost told him where to put that sign...but  he wouldn't have understood me anyway.
it took us about an hour to get to heidelberg. driving through frankfurt seemed like any other big city, except that all of the signs were in the other language.
we all slept until heidelberg. i'll never forget when i opened my eyes. it was the most quaint little place, right out of a story book. the houses were in rows, bicycles everywhere, roads made of cobblestone. i instantly fell in love.

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