Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Design Mom told me to: luggage

So, I haven't officially blogged about it yet, but.....

we're moving to Germany! We are beside ourselves with excitement, anticipation, nervousness...and also heavy hearted to say goodbye to amazing family and friends. (i'll write another post on this news soon)

Today, our luggage arrived- all 12 pieces. Design Mom is a blog that I follow. She recently moved her family to France. She highly recommended this luggage, so like any true follower...I listened.

Shane teases me, rightfully so. But how can you argue with tried and true? (there were plenty of other positive reviews on these beauties)

 Theo loved the boxes-

 Cannon passed the climb inside test-
 and Shane and I started thinking we might need to get the luggage it's own rental car.
 Ryli just wanted to pose and show off her new shirt, a Mini-Boden knock off that I threw together!
Happy trails to us!


Jen said...

Thrilling I tell you!

Teriney said...

sniff. sniff.

ps love the luggage!