Friday, November 18, 2011

Cannon's Thanksgiving Feast

Cannon was a pilgrim today. A very shy one. In fact, he barely even looked over at his momma and baby brother. He was all business.
I really could've used a third arm for this event. Even a fourth. I was manning the wonder baby, plus my Nikon, plus video-ing with the iphone. At one point I was also squeezed in some snack feeding and baby chasing.

video: (it's long)

It was all worth it though. Cannon was adamant about me being there, and on the front row. (of course I wouldn't have missed it) 
He explained a few weeks earlier that they were practicing their program and that he only liked one or two of the songs. There was one song that sounded country, and he didn't like that one. He is very particular about his music choices.
In the middle of one of the songs, the little girl next to him got a little excited with an arm movement and accidently knocked Cannon's hat off. His chin quievered, and he looked to me for encouragement. I told him to pick it up, he shook his head no. Then his teacher told him to pick his hat up, and he did.
Catastrophe avoided.
After the program, they feasted!
I contributed about 75 pumpkin muffins...that didn't get opened...that were then donated to Ryli's class for fun Friday

this picture is pure sweetness

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