Thursday, October 27, 2011

trunk or treat 2011

i usually opt to make one handmade costume a year, for the sake of my blood pressure and general procrastination.

this year was ty's year, he's actually the only one that asked. he wanted to be a jester, inspired by a lego mini-figure (probably my most favorite of his choices to date). he even picked out the fabric. the pattern was simple, and actually a lot of fun, when i wasn't making careless mistakes (like serging a sleeve on inside out).
ryli wanted to be a hip hop dancer. unsure of what a costume that like entailed, we narrowed it down to one of her recital costumes, easy, and done.
cannon decided after a many mind changes that he would be a soccer player. again, easy and done.

i bought theo some skeleton p.j.'s last year, for this year. they even glow in the dark. done.
i rushed through yesterday making a jester hat, chili for the cook off, and treats for the cake walk. we also had some "official" business to tend to, which put a damper on my plans...but in the end, we made it!
trunk or treating is a tradition with our church, and we always love it!
 shane was in charge of decorating the car...and that's all i have to say about that.
larry the terrorist:)

 miss harper lee

 where's waldo?

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Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

LOVED Tyler's costume! & I loved reading this post--from "Larry the Terrorist!"-Ha!, Shane's trunk decorating (looks a lot like Joey's would) and all the CUTE pics! Such a FUN night!