Monday, October 3, 2011

taking note: youngest to oldest

6 teeth, 3 on top and 3 on bottom.
started walking september 24.
saying and waving bye-bye, only when he feels like it.
adores bear and the big blue house and sesame street.
knows how to work his dad's ipad.
walks across the coffee table and ironing board like it's a catwalk.
unwillingly adjusting to shoes.
loves strawberries, tomatoes, turkey, ham, chips, z-bars, whole grain bagels and sippy's of water.
tries to sneak out the door anytime it's open.
recently got splinters on his belly from crawling around on the deck.
loves to tease his daddy by turning the xbox off and on, usually in the middle of something very important.
lights up a room with his smile.
his belly laugh is contagious.
he owns the place.

has a pretty bad case of kindergarten anxiety.
asks for chicken nuggets for lunch everyday.
the only kiddo to eat pesto pasta with his parents.
still has an intense lisp.
loves soccer.
loves to wrestle his dad.
still appreciates snuggle time with mom.
legos are his #1 toy of choice.
drawing pictures for special people is his newest hobby, he frequently rolls up his pictures and leaves them on one of our pillows.
his best friends are aiden, bram, max and definitely shane.
wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
wants to be a breakdancer for halloween this year.
he is our local softy.

a dancing queen.
she loves to read and write.
has a new pet tad pole-- named tad.
cycles through american girl, barbies, webkinz and other general stuffed animals.
has a fiery little attitude.
loves to craft with her mom.
is an amazing help around the house.
loves to prepare dinner.
still prefers dirty over clean.
appreciates thrifting.
best friends--lucy, hazel and kate.
has installed security cameras at random places thoughout the house.
about 2 months ago, she kicked out a pane in her window while trying to scare a spider.
cares about grades.
money saver.
she is our local sass-cat.

mr. in charge.
ready and willing to keep everyone in the house corrected and on the straight and narrow.
first one out of bed, bedmade, dressed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, hair done and sitting on the couch usually before anyone else is out of bed.
militant about his watch wearing.
all of the above and still ridiculously silly.
the pickiest eater in the family.
doesn't care about grades.
desperate for a pet kitten.
money spender.
likes soccer.
best friends-- sean, gary and cole.
helps when asked with chores, as long as it's indoors.
an intense disdain for mosquitoes and poison ivy.
plans to be a world traveler as soon as he's 18.
will support his travels by offering to do yard work for locals.
wants to be a jester for halloween.
gaming, legos, reading and movie watching are his favorites.
he is our local drill sergeant.

together- these four can spend some serious time up in the playroom in their clubhouse. they are each other's best friends and worst enemies. they love their baby to pieces. they are spiritual creatures. they cannot resist the temptation to tease each other, even with their lives threatened.

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